Kiteboarding Lessons We make the Best riders on the water

Beginner Lessons

 Our Beginner Lessons are all booked in 2-4 hours for maximizing your progression. We start lessons off with a land based ground school that runs you through all the gear prep, safety and flying a trainer kite. Now that you have become comfortable rigging your setup and flying a trainer its time to hit the water with your private instructor. The beginner kiteboarding lesson includes all kite gear specific for your size and weight based on the wind. Our professional instruction is offered one on one, not in a class format. We aren't looking to pump out a bunch of okay kiters.. We want every rider that comes through Best Pro Kiteboarding to leave feeling they could take on this sport back to there local spot. In our beginner lesson we ensure you get the most out of your time and your money, while getting all the safety and instruction to learn this life changing sport quickly and safely. Learn from the Best kiters in the United States! This amazing sport is right in our backyard here in St.Petersburg, Florida. With steady winds blowing nearly year around and miles of grass flats, sandbars and shallow warm water there is truly no better spot to learn how to kiteboard :)

Have any Questions? Or ready to book a lesson? Give us a ring @ 941-780-5744

Rates - $180 for 2 Hour Private Lesson / $360 for 4 Hour Private Lesson

2 Hour Lesson

  • Wind Theory
  • Gear Setup
  • Local Riding Spots
  • Trainer Kite
  • Safety Launching/Landing
  • 4 Line LEI Kite in the Water
  • Power Window Control/ 1 and 2 Handed
  • Downwind/Upwind Body Dragging
  • "What If's" Emergency Pack Down

4 Hour Lesson

  • All of the 2 hr lesson topics
  • Board Meeting - "Getting the board on"
  • Waterstarts - "Learning how to waterstart and get your first rides"
  • Extended Rides - "Gliding your way across the miles of shallow grass flats and sandbars"
  • The Holy Grail - "Riding Upwind"

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