Fanatic Sky Wing Foilboard

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  • Fanatic Sky Wing Foilboard
  • Fanatic Sky Wing Foilboard
  • Fanatic Sky Wing Foilboard
  • Fanatic Sky Wing Foilboard
  • Fanatic Sky Wing Foilboard
  • Fanatic Sky Wing Foilboard
  • Fanatic Sky Wing Foilboard


Fanatic Sky Wing Foilboard

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Fanatic Sky Wing Foilboard

Includes 2x footstraps

The Sky Wing is our dedicated board range for Wing Foiling


Perfectly bridging the gap between our Sky SUP and Sky Surf

ranges, these shapes are ultra-compact and loaded with

volume for an easy start and maximum maneuverability in

flight mode.

Everything about the Sky Wing boards has been optimized for

Wing Foiling. The compact shapes are split in two directions:

The two smaller models have their focus from freeride to waves,

with a curvier rocker line, forgiving bevelled rails and deep dou-

ble concave creating a flat section for early going and smooth

touch downs at the same time.

The larger 5’4” is focused on the earliest take off possible with

minimal board size. The flat rocker with sharp release edges in

the tail cater for maximum glide needed for a quick flight in

light winds.

Once you’ve learned your first steps into this fascinating new

discipline – the Sky Wing is exactly what you want! Much more

compact than a SUP Foil board, yet still easy enough to start

and get up and out of the water.

Article Number Board Volume Width Length Finbox


SKY Wing 4'8'' 55L 22" / 56 cm 4'8" / 142 cm 2x US Track

SKY Wing 5'0'' 75L 24" / 61 cm 5'0" / 152 cm 2x US Track

SKY Wing 5'4'' 95L 26" / 66 cm 5'4" / 163 cm 2x US Track



- Design is 100% optimized for Wing Foiling

- Available in three sizes: 4’8’’ (55l), 5’0” (75l) & 5’4” (95l)

- Footstrap options for double front strap to switch

stance when freeriding or single strap crossing the

center line for your preferred surf stance

- Ultra-compact shape with maximum volume for

flotation and stability during starts (knee starts

possible) and maneuverability in the air

- Pulled in nose and beveled rails for neutral and

smooth touch-downs, and to avoid

catching in tight turns on the wave (4’8” & 5’0”)

- Recessed deck shape for comfort, control and a

direct connection with the foil

- Full deck pad with tail kicker for grip, comfort and

support behind your back foot during starts

- Unique channel bottom shape for efficiency, soft

landings and great tracking whilst not in flight mode

- Short length makes it easy to pump, control and


- Track foil mount system allows for fine tuning

- Carrying handles on deck and bottom for easy

transport with or without foil mounted - allows

carrying the entire setup of board and wing with ease

- Supplied in lightweight Vacuum Epoxy Construction




Our Vacuum Epoxy Construction comes in a com-

plex multi-step vacuum process with reinforcement

patches in key areas such as boxes, centre spine

and a full bamboo patch in the entire stance area.

The light yet strong construction comes with a hand

sanded finish adding to the unique custom appeal of

this technology.


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