Best Pro Kiteboarding

Group Lesson

$70.00 2 person, 2 hour / add $100 for 3 person
  • Group Lesson

Best Pro Kiteboarding

Group Lesson

$70.00 2 person, 2 hour / add $100 for 3 person
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Our Group Lessons are a great way to get out there and try out the sport with friends or family! Not sure if this sport is for you? This way everyone can each try out the sport for less money. Don't want to miss your best friend getting their first rides and face full of water! Didn't think so! :) With 2 people or more your learning curve is accelerated as you get to watch some else do it first hand and learn from there correct moves and mistakes. If you're a visual learner this is a great option! All Group Lessons will be customized to fit your needs whether the group is looking to get out on the water for the first time together or looking to see who is going to be the first one of the group to stick that backroll!

Group Lesson Rate 

2 People Rate is $70 per hour / per person

3 People Rate is $60 per hour / per person

For custom group rates or parties please feel to reach out to us at 941-780-5744 or for more info and customizing our lesson program to fit your needs :)

  • We start lessons off with a land based ground school that runs you through all the gear prep, safety and flying a trainer kite. Once you have become comfortable rigging your setup and flying a trainer it's time to hit the water.

    2 Hour Lesson

    • Wind Theory
    • Gear Setup
    • Local Riding Spots
    • Trainer Kite
    • Safety Launching/Landing
    • 4 Line LEI Kite in the Water
    • Power Window Control/ 1 and 2 Handed
    • Downwind/Upwind Body Dragging
    • "What If's" Emergency Pack Down

    4 Hour Lesson
    • All of the 2 hr lesson topics
    • Board Meeting - "Getting the board on"
    • Waterstarts - "Learning how to waterstart and get your first rides"
    • Extended Rides - "Gliding your way across the miles of shallow grass flats and sandbars"
    • The Holy Grail - "Riding Upwind"