Best Pro Kiteboarding

Off Site Coaching

$800.00 per day
  • Off Site Coaching
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Best Pro Kiteboarding

Off Site Coaching

$800.00 per day
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Professional athlete and owner of Best Pro Kiteboarding, Drew Christianson has spent the last 10 years traveling the world kiting new spots and exploring the best windsport destinations in the world! Offsite coaching we offer for beginners to advance riders. We can teach groups or parties or make learning to kite your goal on your next family trip!

Have a spot you want to go? Maybe a location no ones ever kited before? Or even a week in your backyard learning your homespots!

Kiteboarding, Kitesurfing, Hydrofoiling we do it all professional, now learn it from the Best!

We supply all the gear needed and customize it based on the group of kiters. All top of the line 2018 equipment from out partners at Naish, North Kiteboarding and Eleveight.

Travel Destinations 

- Florida Keys            - The Great Lakes              - Union Island              - Hood River

- Bahamas                 - North Dakota                   - Baja Mexico              - Peru

- Hatteras, NC           - Turks & Caicos                 - Cumbuco, BR           - Tybee Island

- Hamptons                - Cayman Islands               - Panama                    - Skyline, Utah

- Long Island              - Dominican Republic         - Maui                         - Alaska

- Cape Cod                 - Aruba                               - San Fran                   - Cape Town



  • We start lessons off with a land based ground school that runs you through all the gear prep, safety and flying a trainer kite. Once you have become comfortable rigging your setup and flying a trainer it's time to hit the water.

    2 Hour Lesson

    • Wind Theory
    • Gear Setup
    • Local Riding Spots
    • Trainer Kite
    • Safety Launching/Landing
    • 4 Line LEI Kite in the Water
    • Power Window Control/ 1 and 2 Handed
    • Downwind/Upwind Body Dragging
    • "What If's" Emergency Pack Down

    4 Hour Lesson
    • All of the 2 hr lesson topics
    • Board Meeting - "Getting the board on"
    • Waterstarts - "Learning how to waterstart and get your first rides"
    • Extended Rides - "Gliding your way across the miles of shallow grass flats and sandbars"
    • The Holy Grail - "Riding Upwind"

Certified Instruction

All of our instructors are certified by IKO/PASA

New Equipment

We use only the newest 2018 equipment in our lessons.

World Class Location

Located in St. Petersburg Florida. Steady wind, miles of flat and shallows water.